Middle Eastern Melodies! (02/24)

Thanks for listening in! The theme today was Middle Eastern Melodies! Here is the playlist:

Teahouse Songs- Aq Pishak

Sidi Mansour- Cheb Khaled

Ya Reyeh- Rachid Taha

Boom Boom Bam- La Tlateh

Khallani- Myriam Fares

Mano Mehmeone Khodet Kon- Mehrshad

Enta Omri- Umm Kulthum

Song from Wakhan- Bai Mohmad

Eynak Reybon- Omid Jahan ft. Misagh Rad

Juliyah- Saeed Kermani

Navazesh- Siavash Ghomayshi

*Unknown Title- Rachid Taha

*Unknown Title- La Tlateh

Kifak Enta- Myriam Fares

Layky Layky- Wafeeq Habib

To listen to the playlist (minus a couple songs I had on a CD that I couldn’t find ¬†on Youtube) click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6nShdqz-cBNiOfBtRirFVNTDmDFmLjEu

If you want to explore more Persian music, this video has some good recommendations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6lzQJRg4gk

Other good resources for your Arabic music exploration is: http://www.thearabicstudent.com/2012/10/top-15-arabic-songs-for-americans.html




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