On this week’s show…

We look at the awesome point and click series that defined computer gaming.

Myst Theme (Myst)

Shipgate (Myst)

Sirrus’ Theme Stoneship (Myst)

Treegate (Myst)

Moeity Theme (Riven)

Gehn’s Theme (Riven)

Myst 3 Theme (Myst 3 Exile)

Deadwood Ridge (Myst 3 Exile)

The Wheels of Wonder (Myst 3 Exile)

The Dilemma (Myst 3 Exile)

He Sees Hope (Myst 3 Exile)

Myst 4 Theme (Myst 4 Revelation)

Yeesha’s Joyride (Myst 4 Revelation)

Darkness (Myst 4 Revelation)

Enter Spire (Myst 4 Revelation)

Nearest Island (Myst 4 Revelation)

Sirrus’ Rage (Myst 4 Revelation)

Lakeside (Myst 4 Revelation)

Welcome (Myst 4 Revelation)

Enter Serenia (Myst 4 Revelation)

Curtains (Myst 4 Revelation)

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