On this week’s show…

We take a look at the remixes by the band The Black Mages.

Kurayaminkumo (Final Fantasy III)

The Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI)

Battle with the Four Fiends  (Final Fantasy IV)

Clash on the Big Bridge  (Final Fantasy V)

Battle Scene II  (Final Fantasy II)

J-E-N-O-V-A  (Final Fantasy VII)

The Man with the Machine Gun  (Final Fantasy VIII)

Maybe I’m a Lion  (Final Fantasy VIII)

Premonition  (Final Fantasy VIII)

Vamo Alla Flamenco  (Final Fantasy IX)

Grand Cross  (Final Fantasy IX)

The Extreme  (Final Fantasy VIII)

Fight with Seymour: Project Anima  (Final Fantasy X)

Dancing Mad  (Final Fantasy VI)

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