On this week’s show…

We take a look at the main themes and intros of a genre defined, yet often overlooked for it music, fighting games.

Third Strike Main Theme (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)

Let’s Get it On (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)

Knock You Out (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)

Across the Border (Tatsunoku vs Capcom)

Main Menu (Capcom vs SNK)

This is True Love Makin’ (Capcom vs SNK 2)

Stimulation (Capcom vs SNK 2)

Mortel Kombat!!!!!!! (Mortal Kombat)

Awakening the Chaos (Blazblue: Calamity Trigger)

The Ultimate (Persona 4 Arena)

Legend of the Skull Heart (Skullgirls)

Killer Instinct Main Theme ver. 2 (Killer Instinct 2013)

Chaos Battle 3 (Dissdia Final Fantasy)

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