On this week’s show…

We wrap up the year with a slew of guitar shredding, head bopping, extremely catchy battle themes form a plethora of RPGs.

Fight Ver. 3 (Grandia 2)

Fight Ver. 1 Boss (Grandia 2)

Metal Gleamed in Twilight (Child of Light)

War Cry (Dragon Quest VIII)

The First Campaign (Etrian Odyssey III)

Faith is my Pillar (Etrian Odyssey IV)

Schismogenesis (The Last Remnant)

Blue Champion (Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Champion Red/ Lance (Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver)

Champion Cynthia (Pokemon Black and White 2)

Dance of a Dogs Howl (Sigma Harmonics)

Order and Chaos (The Last Story)

Leap the Precipice (Eternal Sonata)

Long Dream (The World Ends with You)

Transformation (The World Ends with You)

Passonate Sonata (Romancing Saga Mistrel Song)

Battle 3 (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood)

Lunar Battle (Lunar Silver Star Story)

Rockin’ Rocks (Soul Nomad and The World Eaters)

Battle with the Librarian (Suikoden Tierkries)

Blood on the Keys (Star Ocean Last Hope)

Godsibb (Xenosaga III: Also Sparch Zarathustra)

Pain of the Universe (Legend of Mana)

Battle (Unlimited Saga)

When the Heart Ignites (Wild Arms 5)

Silver Will (Legend of Heroes VI)

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