On this week’s spooky show…

We take a look at the horror series that invented two genres, Resident Evil

Zero (Resident Evil Zero)

Meeting Rebecca (Resident Evil)

Guardhouse 1 (Resident Evil Remake)

Neptune’s Tank (Resident Evil Remake)

Save Heaven (Resident Evil Remake)

Raccoon City (Resident Evil 2)

Front Hall (Resident Evil 2)

Sherry’s Theme (Resident Evil 2)

Secure Place (Resident Evil 2)

The Library (Resident Evil 2)

Ada’s Theme (Resident Evil 2)

Escape from Laboratory (Resident Evil 2)

Unstoppable Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

Hellish Agony (Resident Evil 3)

Unfortunate Event (Resident Evil 3)

The Drive (Resident Evil 4)

End of Umbrella  (Resident Evil 4)

Serenity  (Resident Evil 4)

Krauser  (Resident Evil 4)

Save Time  (Resident Evil 4)

Target Practice  (Resident Evil 4)

Mercenaries  (Resident Evil 4)

Chris’s Arrival  (Resident Evil 5)

Pursuer and the Pursued (Resident Evil 5)

Shadows of the Past (Resident Evil 5)

Evil Mutation (Resident Evil 5)

Winds of Madness (Resident Evil 5)

Lost (Resident Evil: Revelations)

Hall (Resident Evil: Revelations)

Abyss (Resident Evil: Revelations)

Rest and Intensity (Resident Evil: Revelations)

Credit line of the Whole cast (Resident Evil 2)

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