On this week’s show…

We take a look back a one of the most pinnacle series on all of video game history, Metroid.

Title Theme (Metroid)

Brinstar (Metroid)

Kraid’s Lair (Metroid)

Surface of SR388 (Metroid 2)

Staff Credits (Metroid 2)

Opening (Super Metroid)

Theme of Super Metroid (Super Metroid)

Brinstar Red Soil (Super Metroid)

Brinstar Vegetation (Super Metroid)

Norfair Ruins (Super Metroid)

Zero Mission Title (Metroid: Zero Mission)

Brinstar  (Metroid: Zero Mission)

Norfair  (Metroid: Zero Mission)

Kraid’s Lair  (Metroid: Zero Mission)

Metroid Prime Title (Metroid Prime)

Chozo Ruins (Metroid Prime)

Tallon Overworld (Metroid Prime)

Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime)

Metroid Prime 2 Title (Metroid Prime 2)

Vs Ridley (Metroid: Other M)

Metroid Title (Super Smash Bros. WiiU)

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