On this week’s show…

We round off the year  by talking about one of the kookiest RPg series out there, the Mother games.

Mother Earth (Mother)

Pollyanna (Mother)

Bein’ Friends (Mother)

Approaching Mt. Itoi (Mother)

8 Melodies (Mother)

Onett (EarthBound)

Home Sweet Home (EarthBound)

Boy Meet’s Girl (EarthBound)

Paula’s Theme (EarthBound)

Snowmen (EarthBound)

Winters White (EarthBound)

The Sky Runner (EarthBound)

You’ve Come Far (EarthBound)

Megaton Walk (EarthBound)

Pokey Means Business (EarthBound)

Alec’s Log House (Mother 3)

Mom’s Hometown (Mother 3)

Run, My Dog, Run (Mother 3)

Sorrowful Tazmily (Mother 3)

Happy Town (Mother 3)

Mother 3 Love Theme (Mother 3)

Piggy Guys (Mother 3)

Monkey’s Delivery Service (Mother 3)

Monkey’s Love Theme (Mother 3)

Natural Killer Cyborg (Mother 3)

Porky’s Pokies (Mother 3)

Master Porky’s Theme (Mother 3)

Pollyanna (Album version)