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On this week’s show…


We glance at the extremely niche title Muramasa: The Demon Blade.


Losing Consciousness A

Turbulent State

Womanizing B

Magnificent Palace A


Powerful Looking

Brisk Winds, Bright Moon A

Seasonal Beauties A

Incredible Power

Beauties of Nature B

Dim Twilight A

Deep in Mountain and Valley B

Mutual Love

Tacit Understanding

Two Assassins

Okoi Second Act B

Okoi Final Act A

Shigematsu Shinzaemon

Battle with Crows

Gonbei Final Act A

Mamedayu Hatono


Arashimaru Final Act A


Scattering Petals

On this week’s show…


We take a look at one of the greatest RPGs of all time; Final Fantasy X.

At Zanarkland

Normal Battle

Besaid Island

Spirian Scenery

Yuna’s Theme

Calm Before the Storm

The Splendid Performance

Blitz Off

Auron’s Theme

Mi’ihen Highroad

Seymour’s Theme

Brass de Chocobo

Riku’s Theme

Thunder Plains

Seymour’s Ambition

Revealed Truth

Assault Attack

Path of Repentance

Summoned Beast Battle

People of the Far North

A Fleeting Dream

At the End of the Abyss

Fight with Seymour


Wonderful isn’t it?

On this week’s show…


We take a look at a series that seized the nation and forever transformed the notion of gaming, Pokemon.

Pokemon Red/Blue Title (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Pallet Town (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Route One (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Wild Pokemon (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Viridian City  (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Pokemon Center (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Viridian Forest (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Trainer Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Route 4 (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Vermilion City (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Lavender Town (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Gym Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Celedon City (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Team Rocket Hideout (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Silph Co.  (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Champion Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Pokemon Gold/Silver Title (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Route Twenty-nine (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Wild Pokemon Battle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Violet City (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Trainer Battle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Dark Cave (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Route Thirty-two (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Gym Leader (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Nation Park (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Rival Theme (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Credits (Pokemon Red/Blue)

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