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We take a look at a series that seized the nation and forever transformed the notion of gaming, Pokemon.

Pokemon Red/Blue Title (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Pallet Town (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Route One (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Wild Pokemon (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Viridian City  (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Pokemon Center (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Viridian Forest (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Trainer Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Route 4 (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Vermilion City (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Lavender Town (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Gym Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Celedon City (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Team Rocket Hideout (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Silph Co.  (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Champion Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Pokemon Gold/Silver Title (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Route Twenty-nine (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Wild Pokemon Battle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Violet City (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Trainer Battle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Dark Cave (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Route Thirty-two (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Gym Leader (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Nation Park (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Rival Theme (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

Credits (Pokemon Red/Blue)

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