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We take a look at the Dark Souls II DLC, and the much anticipated Bloodborne.

Omen (BloodBorne)

Sinh: The Slumbering Dragon (Dark Souls II)

Graverobber, Varg, and Cerah  (Dark Souls II)

Sir Alonne (Dark Souls II)

Aava the King’s Pet (Dark Souls II)

Burnt Ivory King (Dark Souls II)

Aldia: Scholar of the First Sin (Dark Souls II)

Cleric Beast (BloodBorne)

Hunter (BloodBorne)

Hunter’s Dream (BloodBorne)

Dark beast (BloodBorne)

One Reborn (BloodBorne)

Amygdala (BloodBorne)

Ebrietas: Daughter of the Cosmos (BloodBorne)

Moonlit Melody (BloodBorne)

Micolash: Host of the Nightmare (BloodBorne)

The First Hunter (BloodBorne)

Moon Presence (BloodBorne)

Bloodborne (BloodBorne)


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