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We take a look at the series that invented stylish action, Devil May Cry.

Devils Never Cry (Devil May Cry 3)

Public Enemy (Devil May Cry)

Lock and Load (Devil May Cry)

Red Hot Juice (Devil May Cry)

Ultra Violet (Devil May Cry)

Flock Off (Devil May Cry)

Legendary Battle (Devil May Cry)

Battle One (Devil May Cry 3)

Geryon  (Devil May Cry 3)

Vergil 2  (Devil May Cry 3)

Doppelganger  (Devil May Cry 3)

Vergil 3 (Devil May Cry 3)

The Time Has Come (Devil May Cry 4)

Frozen Frog (Devil May Cry 4)

The Viper (Devil May Cry 4)

Swipe of Sword (Devil May Cry 4)

Science will Never Die (Devil May Cry 4)

Chorus of Darkness (Devil May Cry 4)

Shall Never Surrender (Devil May Cry 4)

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