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On the last show of the year…


We take a look at a few Metal Gear spinoffs and the awesome soundtracks accompining them.

Rules of Nature ( Metal Gear Rising)

BRC (Metal Gear Acid)

On Alert (Metal Gear Acid)

Leone Forces (Metal Gear Acid)

Dream Land (Metal Gear Acid)

Frission (Metal Gear Acid)

La Clown (Metal Gear Acid)

Vs Metal Gear (Metal Gear Acid)

Opening Theme (Metal Gear Acid 2)

Venus (Metal Gear Acid 2)

Back to Back (Metal Gear Acid 2)

Willing to Hear me Out (Metal Gear Acid 2)

The Essence of Vince (Metal Gear Acid 2)

Touch and Go (Metal Gear Acid 2)

Resurrection (Metal Gear Acid 2)

I’m My Own Master Now ( Metal Gear Rising)

A Stranger I Remain ( Metal Gear Rising)

The Strains of Time ( Metal Gear Rising)

Red Sun ( Metal Gear Rising)

The Only Thing I Know ( Metal Gear Rising)

Hot Wind Blowing ( Metal Gear Rising)

Collective Consciousness ( Metal Gear Rising)

It Has to Be this Way ( Metal Gear Rising)

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