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On this week’s show…

Game Music

We take a look at the niche action RPG Nier and it’s fantastic soundtrack.

Sing of the Ancients-Devola

Hills of Radiant Winds

The Incomplete Stone

The Wretched Automatons

City of Commerce


Temple of the Drifting Sands

God Bound by Rules

Yonah (strings)

Dispossession (piano)

The Dark Colossus Destroys

The Ultimate Weapon




Shadowlord’s Castle

Song of the Ancients-Fate

Ashes of Dreams-Aratanaru

On this week’s show…

We take a look at the wondrous boss tracks of Final Fantasy XIV.


Fallen Angel

Through the Maelstrom

Good King Moogle Mog XIII

Thunder Rolls

Footsteps in Snow

Cloud of Darkness


Knights of the Round

Floors of Alexander

Alexander the Manipulator


Ultima Weapon

On this week’s show…


We take a look at the best songs of 2015.

Dance (Persona 4: Dancing All Night)

Snowflakes: Narasaki Remix (Persona 4: Dancing All Night)

Naru: Embracing the Light (Ori and the Blind Forest)

Restoring the Light: Facing the Dark (Ori and the Blind Forest)

Silver for Monsters (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Inferno (Killer Instinct)

Ryu’s Stage (Super Smash Bros: WiiU and 3DS)

Sins of the Father (Metal Gear Solid V)

Quiet’s theme (Metal Gear Solid V)

Fortune Night 1 (Freedom Planet)

Aqua Tunnel 2 (Freedom Planet)

Codename Z (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

NO.EX01 (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

Obstacles (Life is Strange)

Ludwig the Accursed (Bloodborne: The Old Hunters)

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower (Bloodborne: The Old Hunters)

Fight Theme 1 (Transformers Devastation)

Face the Devastation (Transformers Devastation)

Receive and Slash You (Yakuza 5)

The Battle for the Dream (Yakuza 5)

In this Cage (Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Blackwater)

On the first show of the new year…


It’s time again to take a look back at the last twenty episodes of the show.

Got to Move (UmJammy Lammy)

Gym Leader (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Fight with Seymour (Final Fantasy X)

Scattering Petals (Muramasa: The Demon Blade)

Village of Whispers (Killer Instinct 2013)

Wicked Flight (Bravely Default)

DJ School (Rhythm Heaven)

The First Hunter (Bloodborne)

Devil’s Never Cry (Devil May Cry 3)

It has to be this Way (Metal Gear Rising Revengance)

Friendlist (Splatoon)

Megaman 3 Opening (Megaman 3)

Hrimfaxi (Ace Combat 5)

Beyond the Bounds (Zone of the Enders: Second Runner)

Greenvale (Deadly Premonition)

The Attic (Rule of Rose)

Cornered 2004 (Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations)

Revived Power (Shadow of the Colossus)

Asgore (Undertale)

The Other Promise (Kingdom Hearts II)

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