On the first show of the new year…


It’s time again to take a look back at the last twenty episodes of the show.

Got to Move (UmJammy Lammy)

Gym Leader (Pokemon Red/Blue)

Fight with Seymour (Final Fantasy X)

Scattering Petals (Muramasa: The Demon Blade)

Village of Whispers (Killer Instinct 2013)

Wicked Flight (Bravely Default)

DJ School (Rhythm Heaven)

The First Hunter (Bloodborne)

Devil’s Never Cry (Devil May Cry 3)

It has to be this Way (Metal Gear Rising Revengance)

Friendlist (Splatoon)

Megaman 3 Opening (Megaman 3)

Hrimfaxi (Ace Combat 5)

Beyond the Bounds (Zone of the Enders: Second Runner)

Greenvale (Deadly Premonition)

The Attic (Rule of Rose)

Cornered 2004 (Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations)

Revived Power (Shadow of the Colossus)

Asgore (Undertale)

The Other Promise (Kingdom Hearts II)

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