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Game Music 1

We go through the triumph that is the Valkyria Chronicles series.

Valkyrie Chronicles Main theme (Valkyria Chronicles)

Battle (Valkyria Chronicles)

Close Combat (Valkyria Chronicles)

Beautiful Gallia (Valkyria Chronicles)

Hard Fight (Valkyria Chronicles)

Defense Fight (Valkyria Chronicles)

Farrell and Tears (Valkyria Chronicles)

Desperate Fight (Valkyria Chronicles)

Fierce Battle (Valkyria Chronicles)

Valkyria Awakening (Valkyria Chronicles)

Final Decisive Battle (Valkyria Chronicles)

Valkyrie Chronicles II (Valkyria Chronicles II)

Exciting Battle (Valkyria Chronicles II)

Practice Battle (Valkyria Chronicles II)

Days with Classmates (Valkyria Chronicles II)

Championship (Valkyria Chronicles II)

Liberation Battle (Valkyria Chronicles II)

Valkyria Chronicles III Main theme (Valkyria Chronicles III)

We are Nameless (Valkyria Chronicles III)

With Pride in the Hearts (Valkyria Chronicles III)

Crow of Disaster (Valkyria Chronicles III)

As a Squad (Valkyria Chronicles III)

Damn It  (Valkyria Chronicles III)

Risking Everything on this Strike (Valkyria Chronicles III)

Open Fire (Valkyria Chronicles III)

Succeeded Wish (Valkyria Chronicles)

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