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On this week’s show…


We take a look at the fast sounds of F-zero.

Big Blue (F-Zero)

Mute City (F-Zero)

Port Town (F-Zero)

Silence (F-Zero)

White Land (F-Zero)

The Long Distance of Murder (F-Zero X)

Crazy Call at Cry (F-Zero X)

Drivin’ through the Max (F-Zero X)

Dream Chaser (F-Zero X)

Climb up! And Get the Last Chance (F-Zero X)

Endless Challenge (F-Zero X)

Pico (F-Zero GX)

Super Arrow (F-Zero GX)

Digi-Boy (F-Zero GX)

Jody Summers (F-Zero GX)

Dr. Stewart (F-Zero GX)

Bio Rex (F-Zero GX)

Mrs. Arrow (F-Zero GX)

James McCloud (F-Zero GX)

Mr. EAD (F-Zero GX)

Blood Falchon (F-Zero GX)

Kate Alen (F-Zero GX)

Captain Falcon (F-Zero GX)

On this week’s show…


We the a look at two Vanillaware masterpieces, Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown.

Odin Sphere Main Theme (Odin Sphere)

Valkyrie March (Odin Sphere)

Battle on the Snowy Mountain I (Odin Sphere)

Battle in Fairyland I (Odin Sphere)

Battle in Fairyland II (Odin Sphere)

Ruined Landscape of Nations at War II(Odin Sphere)

Terror and Courage (Odin Sphere)

Battle in the Witches Forest (Odin Sphere)

Mysterious Pooka Village (Odin Sphere)

Battle at the Land of the Dead (Odin Sphere)

Hope Following the the Difficult Battle (Odin Sphere)

Battle in the Labyrinth City II (Odin Sphere)

Facing the Darkness (Odin Sphere)

Rally (Odin Sphere)

Town (Dragon’s Crown)

Mage’s Tower Route I (Dragon’s Crown)

Lucain’s Tower (Dragon’s Crown)

The Castle (Dragon’s Crown)

Suspense (Dragon’s Crown)

Ally (Dragon’s Crown)

Vampires and Pirates (Dragon’s Crown)

Gazer (Dragon’s Crown)

Biberon Sub-terrain Fortress II(Dragon’s Crown)

Gargoyle gate and Killer monster (Dragon’s Crown)

Wallace’s Underground Fortress II (Dragon’s Crown)

Ancient Dragon (Dragon’s Crown)

Odin Sphere Main Theme-Shanachie version-

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